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argentina suffers a crushing defeat on day eight of the world cup in russia losing three nil to croatia the game's already been dubbed the biggest upset of the. two we meet some of the files are they giving their all for the national team. fifty year old volkswagen beetle has been driven by mr noah and his friend from brazil. and in the other news this friday morning a push for tougher copyright laws in the e.u. threatens to change the way the internet looks with many popular read. sally in fashion giant benetton faces a backlash after using a photograph of rescued migrants in an advertising campaign.
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hello a.t.m. fraud of. watching r t international with me kevin zero in great to have you along to the big football to come on the round up of the other world news stories to win the next. world cup and rushes in group c. and d. having their second match is the. solution petersburg won by host cities and they've been through all the drama and sensation of the tournament so. welcome to another beautiful wife and i. say she does the finest rushers.
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but a dark day for all gentlemen football. trust me on this look away now step away from the t.v. come back in five minutes you do not want to know what happened to tonight's three argentina will. see. this. piece michel you watched it with me and it was a bit like watching a horror movie a disaster unfolding before us. i'm not sure i agree with an argentine a specific all yeah but why why do we care so much about argentina we should praise croatia for what they did tonight and what they did in the first game now we talked about the big players you know the big see the big stage when when you come to
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these events like the world cup the big players they perform and messing who is a big player didn't turn up again like you didn't do the game against iceland a very very very rough game very hotly played a lot of tempers flaring surprisingly enough only six yellow cards no red cards we were actually betting on that that would be at least one because that was the way it was being played. i think the referee and you know about the much off from was biggest and he did ok i mean at times it was it was a little bit too much that he was allowing but at the end of the day everyone got through the game and you know the only ones that are really hurt i can see now and that's completely down to their own performance. pretty much all the talk coming into this game was that knowledge and tina needs it's not just one. did needed to
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win and it all unraveled in just a horrific fashion let's just look at the winning goal and the goalkeeper of argentina really like me this is what course if you don't think they put pressure on the everybody i mean they must play from the back i don't understand their cup and their bags you know. that big mistake you know if there was some element of self harm about that first goal self-inflicted no questions about the second moment what a strike from luke a moderate i i was going to reject him watching them to pass i didn't think he could school from here that was dynamited not right for. the big players they turn up to these tournament's look at marge which is a big player and he's turned out that was his second goal and so on in a second really good goal as well this was one who turned again there was a lot of the tension between the teams and not many icons in the first all but then they started develop as argentina became more frustrated and then we saw some
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pretty vindictive tackles going in and i think ultimately should not have had a you know i think he should have been sent off he. made an incredible shall receive the icy racket he's on the floor the referee is always blowing the whistle to do that you know that's that's really naughty and fortunately nothing happened and it might be one of these things that feel for we'll look back on retrospect and four i'm not completely sure about the rules in this tournament normally when the referee has always dealt with that meaning giving him a yellow card i don't think there's too much to do afterwards but hopefully they will because that tackle there was definitely out of order and it's dangerous anything could have happened fortunately nothing that the sort of situation because it's not applied at the moment would you like to see volumes for things like banned or is it just too much of a judgement call on the moment lead to the ref i don't want to be used very much in football what we've got to. be fair to all the vos instance all the referees still
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even though it is a well cup it's still a kind of a trial period it's a system that needs to be worked on in the referees and the vases and they need more experience so we are bound to see mistakes unfortunately those mistakes you know have increased the number of penalties being given in the world cup i don't think anyone we've got this off loyalties all the temperaments all how they like to see football i don't see i think anyone wants to see to use free fall penalties in every game if it's not what football is all about we want to see the players create the goals and then we've seen three absolutely beautiful goals today that is at least as a football fan and that is what i want to see i don't want to see football fans of football teams two or three or four nil on penalties and that's not right for me and well speaking of the fan sleeve had a home and peter all of
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a fantastic scenes of celebration here initially you know and get out after what was already a fantastic weekend full croatia we spoke to some of those arjan cd and funds they were going to get them out of the way first they're disappointed but they always you this was going to be tough but we were in that so go for that it's always like these we always support the team that way we know that it's going to be very difficult and it was really difficult window before our eyes a great show in israel we know it was if you go by the will would like to support the team always but this is of course the story of true a shit tonight they scold not only three goals they played funtastic li but go from the commode reaches probably well we're going to be seeing for a long time and they still immense as you can see from the foundry match well the happiness is just a face. no matter what what do you make of that we were expecting three zero zero zero zero zero zero am. i don't
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know was the long room by force in this game in the fun fest just next to the kremlin initially you know it's good old it was packed in there thousands of people the vast majority of them were cheering for argentina at the beginning plenty of russian people would go in voltage filling the the blue and white oh me that it's made its way over to russia from south america however when we saw during that game was really a lesson in how to win over the friends and entertain people but it's why not third goal went in almost all of blue suit previously that's been cheering for argentina well they change over to the red and white chicks of true asia the paddle at the bottom a lot of the croatian just did just great well frankly speaking initially i was for argentina until the very last moment i was sure that lionel messi was going to prove himself in this championship since one although had already scored four goals but it was a failing game for messi he didn't manage to score the croatians did great we
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wished him luck in the next round but we will support croatia kind of all of misty novgorod is for them today yeah i knew. they were really friendly with us i don't know why but the russian people treat us really really good so i'm really happy about russia yeah but as a kind of i saw i was initially supporting creation i really like crazy because i think they the croatians of our the brother is a russian i didn't support argentina frankly even though i am the feelings are impossible to describe such a big group of friends right lots of gracious came here to watch football it's an indescribable feeling of credit when you argentina has lost the i.c. they have a very strong team but they haven't been able to pull it together through what we want to thank everyone who has come here at the national grid you buy thank you very much as an issue you know through a phase in love with croatia well the city's in look because every back here its aims for the second round match and i think they'll find a little move on. aids
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a new heights of thought is in not fun faced when they do i want to pick up another page says. on a wonderful story that of people fans wanting to swap shirts just wonderful atmosphere and some swapping it for tickets i have to ask you what's the best show that you swapped he was all i have one little story. so when casper was a kid obviously he got all this so and it's funny kept them all and funny enough those kicks on the back of most of them and then obviously the manchester united goalkeeper shows as well but i got a picture sent to me this is a couple of months ago of my grandson in one of those shirts and it's a manchester united shirt for my first year but only here when manchester united was still playing with adidas and they changed too. and they play with that he does now have the he's got this vintage should if you like and it fits him and i actually saw it when i got the picture that was cast but that's magnificent memory
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thank you for sharing let's get right into that greasy clash between france and free the second game of the day and the school was warm no fans at half time before the fans came out and they have enjoyed in straight at least ten more than four points and i'm sure you know here we have to go so it's only the jew actually a really good action from him she said over the goalkeeper and the powerful becomes a youngest frenchman ever to score in the world cup how do you let it go he would have been only what your goals as you is making one hundred to terence he probably would have enjoyed them to celebrate yeah i think they're going to have words over dinner tonight don't ever do that young man that was my goal it's the most important thing is the qualification and that's done these memories are unforgettable. we have one that's the most important thing the party is on and the world cup continues.
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so how is it that denmark are in that position on the four points in australia on one of us have a look at the action from the opening game of the day and indeed one one was democratic a very early lead this is some call by you because you're in some of the best things done in the world cup was to put this part to where you were first in your walk the finish but then. again as it did against france he stepped up to where to take the penalty and he put it past cash michael which and quite familiar with unfortunately he didn't fave it and the end result was that one one well as far as trial the long way argentina still have the chance to progress to the knockout stage over the definition not only in their hands any more i see the nigeria set for a clash fateful day and if the vikings win just a draw them to croatia will be enough to continue their journey through the south
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and if he goes down off screen funny how there's been a massive turnout for fans from iceland to. the brand themselves vikings they've invaded the russian capital in full force iceland deployed almost ten percent of the population to support the team with their first world cup. in the game against the mighty argentina that ended up in a big upset for leo messi and the rest of the nation the blue shirts shouted themselves hoarse it was time for a poor and that was when i joined them we are in the museum of kuzma nordics basically a moscow version of washington d.c. smithsonian museum and we're following a group of iceland fans who have come here to check out some of the goods moscow has to offer they wanted a quite one that night we knew a quiet day as well catch a breather somewhat recover to do just. to eyad just try the other stuff and
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spectacularly fails we're not very good at rest and recuperation we always we plan for it every evening but then somehow it's four o'clock in the morning and we've all got to go home was. the not manhunter. after rule it was the night when the world cup host pretty much qualified for the playoffs so who misses out on a posse like that who the were nice and barged in to talk to you for bullet euro twenty sixteen with their fans struck in notes with their i point sharks was uneasy but that night i was allowed to tap the beats of the ritual who the who was who the who over who was who.
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was the first in and cove folks right at home in a city with roughly forty times the population of the entire country the playwriting here is like nothing we've ever seen before it's now has the games it's about this it's about own admission own d.j.'s this is why you will come later with the new the time i've spent with iceland's chanting cool one thing is obvious the fine from one of the groups of death doesn't faze the vikings and even if they don't win the cup they've already won everyone's hearts were just done of the oxy. ad in the upcoming much ice is code for is it in my comic a second. that over. little volgograd the motherland falls is
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a gigantic statue commemorating those who died for the stalingrad. while the first march they were between brazil and their group stage rival costa rica both teams got off to a bad start of the competition brazil ended with a draw against switzerland and costa rica was defeated by serbia but the supporters are still upbeat he said rarely met one brazilian fan who chose a particularly unusual way of getting to the world cup. this fifty year old volkswagen beetle has been driven by missed the boat and his friend col from brazil that shuffled through a dozen south american countries before getting his ship over the ocean to come here and enjoy the world cup now or is going to take me for a drive and it also gives you questions about his journey. let's go.
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when i was a little boy i asked my father to take me to the world cup in argentina which is pretty close to brazil and my father told me it was impossible to get to argentina in a beetle it was in my childhood ever since then i've dreamt about it a lot so when i was forty i bought a new paedo and i started travelling all over america. in twenty fourteen when the world cup was in brazil brazil lost to germany one to seven then lost to the netherlands zero to three just one goal in two games i told my wife it was completely impossible for brazil to win that cup so i thought about going to russia in the beadle my wife said why not so we started preparing for this trip in two thousand and fourteen and here we are in russia in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight legal going to. the beadle traveled around fifteen thousand kilometers in
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a ship before that we don't already done like fifty thousand kilometers in south america now it's going to be another ten thousand kilometers through russia will go through st petersburg moscow sochi. comes on and then st petersburg again and then we go to moscow to the big final where surely brazil will play. a lot of people will think why do you all want anything. it's great just great that when we were leaving brazil we were told that the russians are very serious but now that i'm here what i see is happy people treat us very nicely i actually now have a friend here called rockville he is a specialist in cars he repairs old cars he told me i could stay in his place i was a little shocked because how could you stay in the place of someone you don't know but he came here to morrow much age to pick me up and took me to his place he turned out to be a wonderful person he was like family now
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a friend for life and i just met him here i'm in love with the russian people and the country. well the weather here is the reason why this tropical i did brazil but these guys are on the way to watch the game against costa rica and they'll be hoping for a brazilian victory good luck. co-host as a marine you know shared his thoughts on the outcome of the much than between brazil and costa rica. thank you. brazil in costa rica costa rica is not just the team that did well in the past world cup fourteen that is very stable and just watch them play a friendly against scotland and i know we're all organized but the force brazil is
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full of dozens of creativity of that and i mean i don't think brazil is going to have many problems to get this three point. plan today as well as switzerland serbia a group aging the tournament in twenty ten the euro championships champions spain their first game at the world cup with brazil ended in a brawl. in china. first in their very group victory of the costa rica it's just their second appearance in the world cup and a. good time on the sidelines big games supporters from all over the world continue to get acquainted with a bit of russian culture or not we've already heard some fans rendition of the russian classics you could to share it is not the only song with picked up brace yourself. i. i
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i i. i i. oh my god. well some football fans who couldn't make the trip to russia of how to console themselves by keeping up with the matches in their home countries for english friends are doing exactly that but they found a way to get an international feel to the games and this is no expense but more. with the world in a football frenzy we're meeting a group of fans who decided to take on a different approach to make sure they don't miss a thing. these friends living in london have
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taken weeks off work to watch the world cup the twist is that they have to watch each game with someone who comes from whichever countries playing this has been quite a journey from celebrating with a big crowd from iceland. to making new friends with australians eyes to watching a game in a nigerian barber shop. to even hiding in a bathroom at it too easy and restaurant to cheer england's goals without offending the hosts i say to. people from how many countries have you guys met up with already the good side
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we're going to be. so rich that we watch england in the any two museum restaurant in the u.k. little portugal for the portuguese portugal game main stop well it was literally like stepping into lisbon what do you want to take away from this cup after you're done with that is are you going to be off the ball for a while too i mean after the fourth day i was advised it cites the boys does anyone a little bit sick but then there was a bad another game on and we just go straight back into it we're seeing problems of london we know seen with meeting people from different walks of life different countries that it's it's kind of face humbling and. despite its great connections with our city more than anything we have to do. so trying to see. how we rejoin the world cup the coverage from our small world news coming up and instantly thought to keep in touch no football headlines right across this great event here in russia. for all the action as it happens and check
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out our site don't call me huge section of it dedicated to the whole thing one of the must do so too is to check this out three sixty degree video.
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i played for many clubs over the years so i know the game and so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the families it's the age of the super money kill the narrowness and spending to get to the twenty. million. it's an experience like nothing else only because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy great chance for. going to.
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news of the day this morning now the european parliament league affairs committee has given the green light to tough copyright regulations much of it targeting online content and if approved by member states it could soon say the web change almost beyond recognition is a double quarter explains. the internet as we know it may soon radically change at least in the e.u. with memes facing an axis stensholt crisis as a result of new copyright laws that might kill them off. or are. a group of european parliament members are pushing for
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a new rule they would see platforms to censor information to avoid copyright infringement is now thirteen is one of the more controversial on the planet against what happened platforms install filters to check all the information users upload onto the internet so just how likely is it that the e.u. will deal with death blow to means and mash ups what we're seeing here in this particular instance is this goes against what is the the very much the what you have which. and social media in particular well where it's user generated and many uses the cult of the general is taking snippets sort of new schools it's taking. video it's taking photos on the home. using those in the meticulous way it's going to. still actually intelligently assist through all this. these sorts of kopi right. now article eleven or the link tax has also garnered
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criticism it would see online platforms pay news publishers a fee just to see if they link to their content now this is already been tried both in germany and in spain failing miserably in both instances in germany google just stopped putting snippets of news article content in their search engine at all so they didn't have to pay the publishers anything and in spain they shut down their news function all together and with this new e.u. copyright proposal seemingly on the way there still a lot of questions as to what actually constitutes a taxable link. and what if the government uses it to crack down on freedom of speech well seventy alarmed internet experts including the founders of the world wide web and wikipedia have written a letter in protest by requiring internet platforms to perform automatic filtering all of the content but their use there is
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a bloat article thirteen takes an unprecedented step towards the transformation of the internet from an open platform for sharing and innovation into a tool for the automated surveillance and control of its uses and alarm bells have also been ringing at the united nations human rights council states and into governmental organizations should refrain from establishing a new arrangements that would require the proactive monitoring filtering of content which is both inconsistent with the right to privacy and likely to mount a pre-publication censorship for the proposal to become law the e.u. parliament will have to vote on it later this year and its critics are dead set on slaying this bill which they say would transform the internet into a tool of surveillance and control donald quarter r.t. berlin. next you might find this surprising seems in countries traditionally seen as democratic large sections of the population don't actually feel that their governments are serving them all that the people have enough say that's according
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to a poll by three u.s. and european research companies out kellam open take stock of these surveys results by the word democracy literally means the rule of the people so wouldn't it be strange if democratic governments did not have the trust of their populations right now the biggest risk for democracy says that the public no longer sees them as democratic over one hundred twenty five thousand people from fifty different countries participated in this survey when asked the question do you feel like the government is working on your behalf sixty four percent of those living in democratic countries answer the question with rarely or never meanwhile along those living in. countries labeled by freedom house as not free only forty one percent gave that answer we decided to ask people in three different countries widely viewed as democratic how they feel about the issue you're not doing this for you no more be here and don't get any benefit from it.


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